About Us

The Alfred Price team, which has a strong supply base and excellent sourcing, works closely with an established worldwide family of growers, stretching as far as Chile, South Africa and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere as well as incorporating European producing countries in order to provide 12 months continuity to our customers.


Seedless Grapes represent an important part of our product portfolio and the dedication of our specialised grape growers’ throughout the world ensures that Alfred Price maintains its reputation as one of the UKs leading suppliers of the complete range of this popular product.


Alfred Price’s customer portfolio covers every section within the fresh produce industry, including all categories within the multiple sector, as well as the wholesale trade and the catering industry. We are proud to have an experienced sales team who focus on meeting the demands of our customers’ every day.


We maintain our traditional role as a major supplier to the wholesale market and it remains a key section of our business.


Alongside this however, we are a growing provider to multiples who have their own special requirements and Alfred Price has the resources to meet them, not least the ability to supply all year round and to label and package produce in line with our individual customer’s requirements. We are always looking for new sources of supply in order to keep our multiple customers at the forefront of their business and our procurement team is constantly working on New Product Development, travelling around the world to source products through our large network of international contacts.


At Alfred Price we are keen to continue to develop our IT systems and are proud to have recently installed an electronic Stock Management system in our warehouse and fridges to ensure stock is located and used in the most productive way, always keeping produce as fresh as possible and in the optimum conditions. Separate storage facilities are used for products that are not temperature compatible.